TPS board holds special meeting to discuss missing money


The Tulsa Public Schools Board held a special meeting Thursday night just after Governor Kevin Stitt called for a district audit.

The meeting already scheduled was to discuss the resignation of a senior official and the mismanagement of money.

Because this was a closed executive session, Tulsa Public Schools did not release details of what was discussed.

The board discussed the resignation of Devin Fletcher, who was the district’s director of equity and talent.

Fletcher joined TPS in 2016, responsible for overseeing the district’s curriculum, teaching and school improvement initiatives.

The board also discussed the investigation into payments made to district employees by a third party called “Snicklebox.”

News On 6 did some checking and found that TPS had approved a contract with this company in June of last year.

Superintendent Deborah Gist said “Snicklebox” provides services related to office talent management, including assisting with recruiting, hiring and hiring practices.

The district said that after discovering the discrepancies, it no longer uses the services of this company.

Superintendent Deborah Gist said the district discovered less than $20,000 was missing in the funds and the investigation is still ongoing.

Gov. Kevin Stitt said he also wants the state auditor to determine how the district spent $200 million in COVID money.

“TPS has also been closed the longest, over 300 consecutive days. Board members, parents, students and teachers deserve to know how that money was spent,” Governor Kevin Stitt said.

“We welcome anyone who wants to come and take a look at the work we do. I have full confidence in our fund management. I think it’s important for Tulsans to know that the cost of such an audit is borne by the local community,” Gist said.

Gist said the Tulsa Police Department is currently investigating the mishandling of nearly $20,000.

She also called for an internal audit to find out how this could have happened.


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