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The video involving the dog and the cat was posted on Instagram.

Pet parents who already have a dog or cat often worry about introducing another furry baby of a different species into their household. Just like this human who was worried about his dog’s reaction to the new kitten. A video shared on Instagram shows what happened when the adorable creatures started living together.

The clip was originally posted on the Instagram page dedicated to the dog named Akira. However, it caught people’s attention after being shared by another Instagram page.

The video opens to show a dog driving a car. A text insert also appears on the screen which reads: “Worried about how my dog ​​would react if I brought home a kitten…” Within moments, the scene changes to show sweet interactions between the pooch and the cat.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted about 20 hours ago. Since being shared, the post has garnered over 31,000 likes and the numbers are growing rapidly. The video also prompted people to post various comments. A few pet parents also shared stories about their fur babies.

The pet parent whose cute dog and cat are featured in the video also left a comment from the pooch’s Insta page. “The best decision I’ve ever made! They are inseparable. Thanks for sharing!” they posted.

“We just brought home a 6 month old kitten a month ago and I can’t believe how well they are getting along,” one Instagram user wrote. “Two dogs same litter. Flock of chickens and three cats. All get along. Chickens chase cats and bite dogs ankles. Cats play alongside dogs with dog toys. One cat accompanies us on walks said another. “It’s absolutely precious! They’re best friends,” commented a third.

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