The GOP is largely unresponsive to the needs of the public


A political party does not respond

We have a political party right now that is all for saving unborn children and restricting women’s rights, but has nothing for living children but “thoughts and prayers”. This party does not even listen to its own members who own firearms and who are asking for better laws regarding access to firearms. As a voter, I will be careful not to vote or support such hypocrisy. All Americans need to take a second, third, and fourth look at the political members who won’t stand up for us. It’s time to vote them all.

Jan McCurry, Palm Beach Gardens

Republicans as “ordinary” people interviewed

Mr. Gerald Salerno, in his column, “A rabid Democrat bitten by Fox News”, takes an awful long time to come to terms that “Republicans are ordinary people, capable of independent thought and intellectual reasoning”. Really??

Polls show four in five Republicans believe the “big lie” that there were millions of illegal votes in the 2020 election, although there is not a shred of evidence. Three in 10 think the Jan. 6 uprising was “not violent,” and 60% think abortion should be illegal in cases of incest or rape or both at the same time. They believe that a 12-year-old girl raped by her father should give birth and that any attempt to do otherwise would be criminalized. Three out of four Republicans believe they are discriminated against more than African Americans, Jews, Muslims and any other group. And finally, these feelings of supposed aggression are dangerous when more than half are against banning military-grade assault weapons, the type of rifles used in virtually all mass shootings.

On reflection, perhaps they are, as Salerno puts it, “capable of independent thought” but “of intellectual reasoning?” It’s exaggerated.

Andrew Kornfeld, Jupiter

After:Florida remains the petri dish of right-wing politics | Editorial

Civilians don’t need weapons of war

As a young infantry marine in the 60s, our company of about 200 men had two 30 caliber machine guns. They were the only weapons similar to the AR-15, which are common today and we were in war. When will America wake up and stop these kinds of weapons from getting into civilian hands? They are not intended for hunting or target shooting. They only serve to kill.

Robert W. Carpenter, Tequesta

Real change starts with each of us

Stop playing the blame game. “Where were the parents?” “It’s the school’s fault. “The government should do a lot more.” You can blame no one or blame all of us. Do the mirror test: “Mirror, mirror on the wall!” What have I done lately to make someone’s day better? What else should I do? How can I help?” Change starts in all of us. Stop condemning. Start doing? This is my plan.

Marian Brovero, West Palm Beach

GOP, blame yourself, not the cartoons

Re those who are offended by Governor DeSantis’ anti-MAGA cartoons: Republicans can’t have it both ways. Republicans have cultivated white supremacists, anti-Semites, and gun supporters as their party base. Of course, not all Republican voters tolerate these extremists. However, many Republicans have no problem keeping up and they are also responsible. They are part of the insurgency, whether we like it or not.

Anthony Frigo, Jensen Beach


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