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Primrose CPF hosted a community meeting at Sunnyridge Elementary School on June 4 which offered residents an opportunity to voice their safety concerns.

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Ward 36 Clr Wendy Morgan and Primrose SAPS Station Commander Lt. Col. Eunice Nzuza also attended the meeting moderated by Primrose CPF President Tracy Enslin.

The concerns raised by residents were noted by the leaders of the various portfolios.

High on the list were security issues at Primrose and the provision of basic services.

Liaguat “Lance” Vengatass of the ratepayers association encouraged residents to take back their communities.

He said it was time for residents to unite against common enemies including crime, poor service delivery and lack of infrastructure maintenance.

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“We need a facelift. We need community members to step up. We also need to see our leaders held accountable,” Vengatass said.

“We are tired of the political games played by our leaders. The previous CoE administration blamed the apartheid government and the current leadership blames the previous administration,” Vengatass said.

“People are asking for services. We cannot let pensioners live in the dark for days waiting for the Council of Europe to solve a cable problem,” Vengatass said.

He said the taxpayers’ association aims to help the community with complaints about service delivery.

“We will hold the council accountable for the services it has not rendered.

“In the event that the services are not rendered by the council, we will recover the costs from the city,” Vengatass said.

“As an example of action, we recently repaired over 60 potholes in Primrose.”

Responding to security concerns raised by residents, Nzuza encouraged residents to work hand in hand with law enforcement.

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She said the station has enough resources and dedicated staff to keep Primrose safe.

“When Primrose becomes a crime-free zone, commercial investors will soon return. It is our duty as parents and residents to stand firm against what is wrong,” Nzuza said.

“The police have carried out operations where illegal immigrants and minors have been arrested,” she said.

She added that since the beginning of April, Primrose had been troubled by burglaries, motor vehicle thefts and business robberies.

Barend Lewis of the Taxpayers Association speaking to the public at the community meeting.

“We have been given the mandate to protect our residents at all costs,” Nzuza said.

She reminded residents that driving under the influence was a criminal offence.

“Drinking in public is also condemned. Once we find you, we will arrest you and detain you at the station,” Nzuza said.

“Residents must follow their files to the end. We discourage victims of GBV from withdrawing their case. With the CPF and the security companies assisting the police, we believe we have enough resources to drive the criminals out of Primrose.

Barend Lewis, Mike Robinson, Tracy Enslin (CPF President), Wendy Morgan (Ward 36 Clr), Janet Gerretsen and Liagua Vengatass.

Enslin said residents reported problem areas that needed police attention.

“We have a list of illegal buildings and internet cafes used for criminal activity,” Enslin said.

Morgan told residents the rates and taxes were used to maintain local governance.

“Systems are in place to respond to residents’ complaints in a timely manner. The board works tirelessly to get the deals to the right people,” Morgan said.


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