Parents pack Uvalde school board meeting, plan to leave


Parents held a school board meeting in Uvalde, Texas, on Monday night, demanding accountability for the police response on the day of the massacre at an elementary school last month. They are also calling for changes.

The board had to move the meeting to an auditorium to accommodate the massive turnout.

Emotional parents who spoke to the council said campuses in the district are unsafe. Many also called for accountability and wanted the council to fire Pete Arredondo, the Uvalde CISD police chief who was in charge the day of the shooting.

Several signs at the meeting read “Fire Pete Arredondo” and “Enough is Enough”.

And tonight in Uvalde is part two as the city council meets to consider a furlough for Arredondo who happens to be the newest member of the city council.

According to the agenda for tonight’s special meeting, Uvalde City Council will consider granting Councilor Arredondo a furlough.

Arredondo has been roundly criticized for his handling of the Robb Elementary School massacre that left 19 children and two teachers dead. He was elected to the city council before the mass shooting.

Arredondo was sworn in private and was absent from the one and only council meeting held since his swearing in. Following that meeting two weeks ago, Mayor Don McLaughlin told reporters that he and the council could not fire him, even if they wanted to.

The agenda for the Tuesday evening meeting does not specify whether the leave is only for council meetings or if it relates to all of his other duties as an adviser.

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