Parents Guide to Mullikin Park in Champaign


What you need to know about Mullikin Park in Champaign

Unless you spend some time in the southwest of Champaign, you probably won’t know much about Mullikin Park. It’s not that big – around 3.3 acres, according to the Champaign Park district – in the Ironwood neighborhood, near the intersection of Mullikin Drive and Stonebridge Drive.

Mullikin would therefore not be considered a “destination” park like Hessel Park or Meadowbrook Park. But if you live in southwest Champaign, Mullikin is worth a visit, especially if your family makeup matches Mullikin’s offerings.

Here’s what that means: Mullikin has a play structure and swings for the toddlers, as well as a basketball court for the older ones (10ft rim) and a small clubhouse for anyone looking for a little shade nearby to watch it all unfold.

It touches a lot of the basics in my book.

Granted, Mullikin doesn’t offer the fanciest playground equipment; it’s pretty commonplace. But there are swings for babies and a sandbox for those who don’t like slides and swings. The best of all? The entire facility, from the basketball court to the playing field, is in close proximity to each other. So you can sit in the pavilion and see the 12 year old boy playing on the basketball court, the 3 year old boy in the sandbox and the 8 year old boy on the slides.

Tips for your trip

Parking is on the street, so if you are close enough to walk, then do so.

Drink before leaving, as our Emily Harrington put it so well in her review of Henry Michael Park.

Pack a picnic – there is a picnic table in the lodge – or bring food that can be grilled with you, as there is a grill.

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