Nick Saban started Alabama’s championship dynasty with key staff meeting, new book reveals


Nick Saban put everyone on the same page and with the same goal in mind.

Newly hired in Alabama, Saban called a staff meeting for everyone in the building. That meant janitors, secretaries, anyone who worked in any capacity with the program for a 3:00 p.m. meeting, according to a new book by’s John Talty titled “Nick Saban’s Leadership Secrets: How the Alabama Coach Became the Greatest of All Time,” which is due out August 9.

His message was for everyone, as their professional performance would ripple throughout the program, Talty reported and wrote in the book:

Saban came in and delivered a message that served as a principle crucial to his success in Alabama.

“Everything we do,” Saban began, “is about recruiting. Everything we do.

Saban said if someone entered the building and the bathrooms were dirty, it would reflect badly on the program. Ditto if the floors have not been properly swept. “This place has to be ready for the show 100% of the time,” Saban said.

Todd Alles, who was one of his first hires as director of football operations, described the leadership environment Saban described at the very start.

“He’s direct and adamant about how he wants things done,” Alles said.

Former LSU assistant LeRoy Ryals added, “I overheard him tell a relative during recruiting that anyone who will come into contact with your son – secretary, caretaker, nutritionist, coach – everyone is obligated. to this standard. If you’re the custodian, you’re going to throw trash in this building to a certain standard.


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