Marco Antonio Caponi remembers his first meeting with Monica Antonopoulos


Marco Antonio Caponi reveals how his first meeting with Monica Antonopoulos went (Video: “PH, We Can Talk”, Telefe)

Despite his long acting career and their relationship for years Monique Antonopoulos, Marco Antonio Caponi Always grown low profile. He doesn’t usually give interviews, but on occasion he made an exception and accepted the invitation. PH, can we talk ,call), where he opened up like never before and even dared to reveal how his first casual date with the actress was.

“I’m going to talk about that special night when we first went out for drinks with Mona,” he mused. Andy Kusnetzoff and other guests: Adrian Cormilot, Adabel Guerrero, Nahuel Penicic You antonellis,

Meanwhile, he clarified:Between the adrenaline of the night and everything, we started drinking and eating. And the waiter loved to tell jokes, and every time he told one, he brought a new drink. At some point he brought something that set him on fire, the Divine. and greatWe got in the car and Mona crashed into it and said to me, “I don’t want a shape”. And we were both completely drunk, drunk. But it wasn’t much more than that. And he stopped with a smile: “It was a colorful night, I don’t want to give such dirty details or put nuances on it.”

Marco Antonio Caponi and Monica Antonopoulos have been a couple for seven years (IG: @marcoacaponi)

Marco Antonio and Monica became a couple in 2015 and in 2018 they became parents valentine, Then, in March 2021, they went through the civil registry with only witnesses. They decided to do it in a secret ceremony and according to the actress, she only informed her relatives when she returned home after completing the procedure.

,it was zero romance – He remembered that ceremony – with diapers, with a chinstrap, but that’s how he found us: human. He went on to explain that the two were “people out of fear of commitment.” “But that’s how we got here. . We have a family, childrenMy son, Camillecame into his life too,” she continued of the actor’s bond with the child she had with him. Abolos courage. “Suddenly we met, we cried… It’s also nice to have a little party”Antonopoulos recounted this incident.

Caponi, on the other hand, at another point in the programme, was also surprised to recount the incredible physical transformation he underwent to play. sandro“It’s interesting, because I had to live the life of a tobacco addict, and you don’t know what I smoked for that. Sometimes I would go home with a feeling of unease. And I started to grow to be the same“, he explained. And he continued: “I started eating hamburgers, beer, it’s very easy to gain weight, then it’s not so easy to lose weight.

Marco Antonio Caponi was one of the actors who played Sandro in his series

,My weight was 117 kg, later it gave me a lot of trouble. Now I have knee pain because apparently I switched from running with a weight of 85 kg and a light frame. I always say, ‘Hold the two ten kilo record and walk through life,’” he continued. But he admitted: “I have to do it professionally.”

In that sense, he said it was quite a challenge for him to explain “Gypsy”“The Sandro thing was too neurotic, too complicated, mostly because I don’t look like anything, so I had to see how I could build my potential ‘My Sandro’ persona. I recommend Joe to the one on the other side. That is to say, weight gain is not necessary for your body to function or get injured,” he concluded.

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