kNot Today launches guide for parents to raise awareness, prevent and heal child victims of sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking


An additional part of the guide’s publication is a survey released at the same time, which asks those who take it whether they were victims of childhood sexual abuse, exploitation or trafficking, or know a member of the community. close family or a friend who has been victimized. You can contribute to the survey by clicking here.

The goal of the survey, with which Kerauno is a partner, is to collect data to help kNot Today influence legislation to better protect children in Indiana.

And that’s because, Linda explained, “Some of the laws in Indiana right now are some of the worst when it comes to protecting children.”

“In this state,” said Linda, “that if there is an interested adult, say, who wants to have sex with a child, with a minor, and that child is quoted exploited or trafficked to a third party, whether it is a network of traffickers, whether it is a parent, whether it is a father, whether it is a cousin – the one who sets them up.

“Right now this law states that unless the third party is identified, that sex buyer cannot be convicted until he has both people.”

House Bill 1200, a bipartisan bill from the Indiana State Legislature, aims to fill this sort of loophole. But to get this legislation passed better, groups like kNot Today need more data.

“This is absolute madness,” Linda said. “… People need to be aware of what’s going on. We need to protect and empower, protect children and prevent that from happening. We need to mitigate this head on. We need to stop sexual predators.”

Additionally, kNot Today is also working with the American Institute Against Human Trafficking (USIAHT), It’s a Penalty, A21 and Inner City Visions to make an impact nationwide, including in cities like Los Angeles.

Those interested in getting involved can log on to donate and register as a volunteer for the organization.

“This is something that when you start talking to people about it, I’m in it. What can I do? It’s really encouraging,” Frank said. “I think it’s about time it got more widespread and more aware, so we want to talk about awareness, then we want to talk about prevention and in cases where we haven’t stopped something, restoration. to get better. So we’re all about these things, awareness, restoration, and prevention. “


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