Honors celebrated; new staff announced at school board meeting


The Grand Island Board of Education with new staff that includes Jackie Carpenter (art), Kathy Chadwick (community education), Megan McAfee (kindergarten), and Hillary Kretz-Harvey (acting principal, Grand Island High School).

Sat Sep 3, 2022 7:00 AM

By Alice Gerard

The New York Council of Administrators of Special Education Summer Institute has recognized Cheryl Cardone as New York State’s Special Education Administrator of the Year, Grand Island Central School District Superintendent Brian Graham announced. at Monday’s Board of Education meeting.

Cardone, assistant superintendent of student personnel services, thanked “the administrative team, community school board, teachers and all staff for their support over the past 14 years. Thank you for giving me the best career I could wish for. It was also special to have my mom and dad there. I am very honored.

In other news:

• Charlotte Sidway Elementary School was awarded the PTA’s National School of Excellence for 2021-23. “It is truly our honor to have the opportunity to be able to lead programs at Sidway that support engagement at home, as well as at school for all of our students. We know that all of these efforts combined accelerate student success. And by working together to have tools for families, we can create a love for learning in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade; it helps our students to become enthusiastic lifelong learners. Thank you for recognizing this achievement for our school and for our district.

The new PTA President at Sidway is Allison Dukat.

Principal Michael Antonelli said that in the application process, the school focused on areas such as welcoming all families into the school community, supporting student success, inclusion and the impact. “We followed a roadmap to excellence provided by PTSA National. It tells you what you should be doing throughout the year, updates you on your progress, and implements your plan at the start of the year. »

Antonelli’s events said the school highlight included “Meet the Teacher” before the first day of school and a “Meet the Principal Day” outside in tents. He noted that Viking values ​​were reintroduced to Sidway. “We introduced Sid the Viking, who is a great little guy, helping kids do the right thing. We fostered a school community and a classroom community. Ask anyone in Sidway who we are, and they’ll yell at you, “Vikings.”

“Mr. Dougherty has been let loose with his brush all over the school. He paints Sid doing things Sid’s way. So you’ll see Sid doing kind and helpful things. We also have a chalkboard in our main entrance, because we are all Vikings, representing a number of different Vikings.

“As the year progressed, we were able to bring volunteers back into classrooms, participate in PTA meetings, field trips to Eco Island and to farms in western New York with parent volunteers, an art exhibit, author tours, leadership fundraisers and culminating fun run. Family participation was overwhelming at all of these events.

“A big shout out to our PTA for making sure families feel welcome at Sidway.”

•New staff members have been introduced, including Megan McAfee, who will serve as a long-term substitute kindergarten teacher at Sidway Elementary School; Jackie Carpenter, who was hired as a part-time art teacher at Grand Island High School; Katherine Chadwick, who will be in charge of community education; and Hillary Kretz-Harvey, who will serve as acting principal of Grand Island High School.


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