Group urging support for Pride month disrupts school board meeting with song


Several people urged the Seminole County School Board to make a proclamation or recognize Pride Month at Tuesday’s meeting. After the public comments closed, they began to sing, which temporarily interrupted the meeting.

The controversy stems from the board’s refusal to issue a proclamation for Pride Month at the last school board meeting.

District officials say council members discussed it at a workshop and decided they needed to create a policy to issue proclamations, then took it off the agenda.

Students, teachers and parents pleaded with the board tonight to stand up for the LGBTQ+ community.

“There are only nine days left in Pride Month. Will you stand on the right side of history or will you choose to cower once more behind the desk and let your inaction re-traumatize your students and LGBTQ+ teachers?This board needs to do better,” said one parent.

“I believe we’re going through culture wars like the rest of the nation. My hope is just to take action to improve student acceptance and performance,” board member Kristine Kraus said in a statement. interview with FOX 35 News after the reunion.

Kraus asked the board to post the district on social media in support of Pride Month. This was dismissed, with some saying the appeal should be left to the administration.

The board is expected to discuss its policy on proclamations next month.


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