Gram Sabha meeting to discuss drug harms


The Gram Sabha meetings to be held in all 450 village panchayats in this district on Monday would encourage local people to alert the police to people supplying tobacco, alcohol and narcotics to people under the age of 18.

In a statement, collector J. Meghanath Reddy said all village panchayats in the 11 blocks would hold gram sabha meetings on Independence Day.

The objective of this gram sabha meeting would be to eradicate drugs and recover young drug addicts. Those who have given up their addiction to drugs should campaign among young people about the social harms of drugs.

Parents and teachers need to keep an eye on children and make them aware of the threat of drugs.

The villagers would discuss the details of the general fund accounts for the period from April 1, 2022 to July 31, 2022. People would be urged to use water wisely and follow dengue fever prevention measures and sanitation measures. eradication of plastic.

Villagers would be asked to prevent child marriage, child labor and sexual violence against children.

Similarly, villagers would discuss the torture of orphans, destitute children and be asked to alert Childline to 1098. Villages should erect signs with toll-free numbers to sensitize child protection committees at the village level. People would be made aware of the need for these panels to meet once every three months in all 450 panchayats.

The meeting will discuss the issue of children who have lost their parents due to COVID-19 and take steps to submit the applications along with the required documents to help them get government assistance.


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