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The Ripon Area School District (RASD) held the second of two strategic planning sessions last week on Monday.

The session gave staff, school board members, parents and administrators the opportunity to review the district’s progress on its four strategic pillars.

“The team worked to draft action steps under each pillar,” said SADR program director Chrissy Damm. “The work of this team also satisfied the district’s federal obligation as required by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which includes engaging district stakeholders in a collaborative conversation regarding essential work needed. to support high levels of student achievement.”


SADR held a strategic planning session in March where stakeholders broke into small groups to discuss six goals designed to move the district’s core strategies forward.

The six goals include:

  • Provide each student with a comprehensive education that meets their learning needs in an appropriate, healthy and safe environment;

  • Provide opportunities for professional growth and improvement for all teachers, principals, paraprofessionals and other school leaders to foster high quality education for students;

  • Use evidence-based interventions and support services to ensure that every high school graduating student is ready for their college or career plans;

  • Make progress in closing the achievement gap for all English and math subgroups so that all students meet high academic standards;

  • Strengthen district service, stakeholder satisfaction and partnerships by embedding a continuous improvement system across the district;

  • And address ongoing financial challenges by re-examining system processes for efficiencies that can direct resources to the primary goal of student learning.


At the last strategic planning meeting, these topics were again discussed.

On providing a comprehensive education, Damm noted that the conversation centered on equity for student subgroups.

These groups included gifted and talented students, English language learners, and students with special educational needs.

Stakeholders also discussed “conducting open enrollment surveys, continuing the basic literacy audit, and developing competency-based rubrics and assessments at the secondary level,” said damn.

The stakeholder group discussing professional development reviewed the new teacher mentorship program and looked for areas for improvement, such as adding more mentorship support in content and high-needs grades .

He also reviewed “the district’s onboarding process and continues to encourage student participation in co-curricular and co-curricular opportunities,” Damm said.

Under the pillar of college and career readiness, Superintendent Mary Whitrock noted that the team talked about growing partnerships and learning opportunities and looked for ways to assess opportunities for exploration. to find the best solution for students.

“The team considered using student and business partner surveys to find ways to develop and improve the program,” Whitrock said.

In terms of community partnerships and district satisfaction, the superintendent noted that staff and parent satisfaction scores are “high in the district and efforts must be made to maintain these high scores.”

“One area that hasn’t been explored yet would be at the high school level in terms of student satisfaction in college and career readiness,” she said. “We want to quantify our partnerships up to and including apprenticeship with local businesses.

On the financial challenges front, Whitrock noted that SADR is evaluating insurance options, which include the potential move from a fully insured health plan to a self-funded plan in the coming years.

“Although the self-funded option was not profitable for the next school year, the district continues to consider opening an on-site clinic for staff and their families, which could open as early as January 2023,” it said. she declared. .

And after?

Damm added that last week’s discussions helped the district draft “measurable action steps” in each of SADR’s strategic pillars.

“Ripon strives to be a continuous quality improvement (CQI) district,” she said. “During this multi-year journey, the strategic planning team reviews key elements to assess progress. This team reviewed these key elements to note progress and next steps. »

Whitrock is grateful to district staff, school board members, parents and administrators who helped draft action steps to meet federal requirements.

“It was a lot of data to sift through, but it’s also exciting to see the growth the district is seeing over time,” she said.

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