FLORA, CD-7 candidate asks the BOE State to postpone the May 4 meeting; Allow parents to participate in the sex education program



Republican congressional candidate John Flora is asking the state Board of Education to postpone its May 4 meeting to give parents time to respond to the board’s policy recommendations on sex education in elementary schools.

Flora, who is running for the Republican nomination in New Jersey’s 7th congressional district, said the recently revealed sex ed curriculum outraged parents and educators over its “inappropriate content”.

Flora, who is the current mayor of Fredon Township, said he wanted council to reschedule its meeting scheduled for next Wednesday and allow enough time in a suitable location for parents to discuss the new sex ed curriculum. advice.
“Parents and many educators are rightly concerned about the new sex education curriculum and the exposure of young children to gender issues that no child in primary school should have to deal with,” said Flora.
“Parents and teachers need a forum to voice their concerns and I am asking the National Board of Education to provide one,” Flora added.

Flora called the state’s BOE-recommended sex and gender studies curriculum “another step in progressives’ indoctrination of our children — and it’s being done in New Jersey with a complete lack of transparency or debate”.

The state council meets monthly but only holds open-topic public testimony sessions in September, January and May, according to the council’s website. https://www.nj.gov/education/sboe/meetings/schedule/index.shtml
The board has yet to release its agenda until next week’s meeting, so anyone planning to attend the meeting has no idea what the board will be considering, Flora says.

Additionally, repeated attempts to contact the board by phone and email to determine whether the May 4 board meeting is in-person or virtual have gone unanswered, Flora said.
“Curriculum changes approved by the State Board, coupled with legislation signed by Governor Murphy, are a complete capitulation to radical left advocates, including the teachers’ union, whose goal is to force children to question their birth sex and blur biological gender distinctions,” said Flora, a former school board president.

In 2019, the legislature passed a bill requiring middle and high school students to be educated about the societal contributions of LGBTQ people and people with disabilities. In 2021, the Legislature passed and Governor Murphy signed into law a bill requiring schools to promote “diversity of gender and sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, disabilities, and religious tolerance” among students from kindergarten to 12th grade.
“All of this was done without any public input, little publicity, and surprisingly little dissent from Republican leaders in the legislature,” says Flora.

“The curricular changes that leftists adopt are framed in terms of expanding student knowledge. In fact, the gender diversity curriculum leads students to question their biological sex at the age of 7. The teaching of racial diversity in our schools has evolved into the divisive Critical Race Theory taught throughout the curriculum and the acceptance of the discredited 1619 Project, which teaches young children that America is a racist nation and every white student should be ashamed,” Flora said.

“The left does not want religion to be taught or practiced in schools, but wants religious tolerance to be taught. I don’t know how you do that. Where in the curriculum is the teaching of the Judeo-Christian values ​​upon which this nation was founded? Flora asked.

“The functioning of the education system has been hijacked from parents and taxpayers by social equity and gender equality campaigners, the teachers’ union and anonymous bureaucrats. It is time that control of our schools be placed in the hands of parents and those who pay for education in our country,” Flora concluded.

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