Elementary Council Seeks Parent Input Before Final Decision on Guardianship Zone Boundaries | News


At a meeting on Wednesday, April 27, the Galt Joint Union Elementary School District (GJUESD) Board of Education held its penultimate hearing on the new trusteeship area maps, noting a low level of participation from audience.

In addition, council received an update on the bilingual language immersion program, amended the description of a community outreach position, approved a consultation agreement and heard from Galt City Manager Lorenzo Hines, who made a presentation on the state of the city.

The council held its second hearing regarding the transition to areas delineated by trustees. He agreed that the three maps previously presented by the demographer all met the needs of the district and that they do not require additional map options.

“I like both maps (A and C). Obviously the variance is lowest for A, which I liked a bit more. I think they all meet the requirements. They’re all mineable. Unfortunately, we don’t have more public comment,” Board Chairman Tom Silva said.

The third and final public hearing on this issue will take place at the next council meeting on May 25. Public participation and comments are strongly encouraged, especially from parents with children in the school district.

Staff reported that since registration for the bilingual immersion program began in March, all spaces are full and a waiting list has been created. A three-day Dual Language Immersion Institute event will also be held this week at Fairsite Preschool for district teachers. A Professional Development Specialist will train educators on how to effectively achieve the goals of this program.

Additionally, the Board approved an updated job description and duties for the Community Outreach Coordinator at Fairsite. Monica Garcia, who has held the position for the past five years, has encouraged family engagement, and the new duties include acting as school readiness coordinator.

The board also unanimously approved an advisory agreement with AR Leadership Partners LLC. The contract will help with project management and support leadership across the district.

In his presentation on the state of the city, Hines discussed the growth of the city of Galt and the allocation of funds received from the American Rescue Plan Act. These funds are directed to nonprofit programs and small businesses in the community with the goal of promoting job creation and business retention, according to Hines.

Current law enforcement priorities were also discussed, including keeping response times short and retaining quality officers. Additionally, the City of Galt website was recently updated to be more resident-friendly. Hines encouraged people with complications with the city’s application to come to City Hall to coordinate with a technical assistant.

“Galt’s condition is good, and I dare say it’s the best he’s ever been,” Hines said.

As this year’s budget processes approach, Hines said the city is seeking public comment. All Galt residents are invited to visit the city’s website to complete a short survey regarding their priorities and views on where funds should be focused in the future.


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