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THE CITY OF PELL – City of Pell Superintendent James Martin presented his annual report at the regular meeting of the City of Pell School Board on Tuesday.

The annual report is the superintendent’s summary of the previous school year, which he normally presents to the board during the summer. Martin said the report would also be available on the system’s website and at each of the system’s schools.

The report examines demographics, the system’s strategic plan, and lists accomplishments and projects completed for each school and department over the past school year.

“That’s a lot of good information,” Martin said. “I made the comment today at the administrative retreat…it gives you an opportunity to look back in the rear view mirror and see what you’ve done.”

He said, continuing his analogy, that the system now needs to focus on what’s in the windshield and make it look better than what’s in the rearview mirror.

Martin said the biggest accomplishment this school year was the passage of the $5 million property tax referendum in November. He said passing the referendum has allowed the school system to launch several improvement projects and has already allowed the system to hire music and art teachers for the four elementary schools.

The other big achievement Martin pointed to was the progress made in the expansion of Duran Jr. High School. He said the project was actually unrelated to the referendum and was instead funded by a show. government bonds and the system’s own funds.

Martin said the bond issue was intended to help build projects for schools concerned about the school that had fallen behind on pro-rated repairs, but as the system had generally kept the school in good shape state, the system decided to use the money for upgrades to Duran instead.

It was our opportunity and we took it,” he said. “I give credit to the council and our system for doing good things there.

As for what he’s looking at “in the windshield,” Martin said he’s looking to finish work on Duran and make more progress on the system’s capital plan. Academically, he also wants to work on improving the system’s dropout and graduation rates, which have become an issue since the pandemic began. Martin also said he wants to make sure the system expands course offerings at Duran and Pell City High School as he works to expand the buildings in which those courses are held.

In other subjects, the council:

– Approved by Melanie Isbell (multilingual teacher), Kim Blanton (psychometrist), Haylee Jemison (elementary teacher at Williams Intermediate School), Jamey Hamby (elementary teacher at Williams), Tracy Thomas (elementary teacher at Coosa Valley Elementary School), Melissa Causey (Elementary Teacher at Iola Roberts Elementary School), Kirakias Shepard (Career Preparation Teacher at PCHS), Nena Allen (Special Education Teacher), Stanley Head (Bus Driver). Megan Oden (bus driver), Brittany Falk (dining room employee) and Danielle Marney (dining room employee);

– Approved the transfers of Tanya Osborn (special education teacher at Williams to high school math teacher at PCHS), Tammy Brasher (para-educator at Durant North Junior High School to system-wide para-educator), Tammy Tucker ( para-educator at Williams system-wide para-educator), Trisha Ogletree (para-educator at duran north to system-wide special education para-educator), April Beach (para-educator at PCHS nation-wide special education system para-educator), Monica Hartley (para-educator at PCHS system-wide special education), Ashley Fomby (para-educator at Duran South Junior High School system-wide para-educator), educator), Sam Grimes (para-educator at PCHS system-wide para-educator), Windy Jones (para-educator at PCHS system-wide para-educator), Shena Ashworth (para-educator at Eden Elementary School to the entire para-educational system), Mary Meija (Para Educator at Williams to System Wide Para Educator), Megan Sudiamamayasa (Para Educator at Kennedy Elementary School at System Wide Para Educ), Daniel Harris (Special Education Teacher at Kennedy at Technology Specialist at PCHS), Todd Rhinehart (bus driver to canteen worker) and Lacy Mills (pre-kindergarten teacher at Kennedy to entire special education system);

— Approved contracts with Jessica Dorough (Teacher Excellence and Accountability

for Math and Contact Science) Melissa Lewis (TEAMS contract), Katelyn Harkness (TEAMS contract), Stephanie Champion (Secondary English speaker), Shante Haywood (Title 1 interventionist), Elizabeth Benner (amend summer contract at 25 hours for a total of 75), Amanda Wright (amend the summer contract to a total of 150 hours), Velma Kendricks (contract accountant), Britney Sheeley (contract 1 title interventionist) and Ryan Dudchock (teacher of the driving school);

– Approved Beth Bennett, Carolyn Conner, John Leos, Kristan Phillips and April Streety as substitute teachers/child nutrition program workers;

— Approved change of PCHS Technology Specialist position from a nine-month teaching position to a 10-month teaching position;

– Approved resignation of Sherry Zollinger (elementary teacher at Coosa Valley), Chastity Boyle (special education teacher at Kennedy), Lisa Blackwell (elementary teacher at Iola Roberts), Logan Colafrancesco (career preparation teacher at PCHS), David Kline (sixth-grade history teacher at Williams), Rhonda Hannah (dining room worker at PCHS), and Khrystal Fairchilds (para-educator at PCHS);

— Approve a contract with Vanco Education to provide an integrated school expense management program at a cost of $29.95/month. Fees will be waived for the first year and the program will allow parents to track tuition payment online.

— Credit account approved for the month of June in the amount of $405,698.80;

— Submitted a new policy regarding opt-in mental health services by parents or legal guardians for a 60-day read.


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