Avengers: Infinity War Parents Guide


Since its release on April 27, Avengers: Infinity War broke box office records as the fastest movie in history to gross over $ 1 billion worldwide and even inspired MoviePass to end its policy of allowing customers to see the same movie more than once. Well a. If you’re looking to take your superhero loving kid to see the action flick, however, there are a few things you need to know beforehand.

Beforehand, find out what to look for, including a few positives (warning: there are slight spoilers in front).

  1. It’s rated PG-13 for a reason. While movie ratings can certainly be seen as loose depending on your particular child, Infinity war is rated PG-13 for its intense violence – it’s arguably the most intense of Marvel movies to date.
  2. The violence is both frequent and shocking. While most sci-fi violence is bloodless and resembles comic books, expect some brutal beatings, stabbing, choking, and graphic torture scenes. Some of the violence is sudden, which makes her nervous, and the number of times the characters are in danger is enough to stress anyone out.
  3. Plus, there are tons of deaths. Even in a fictional world, not all characters can survive such brutal violence. The death of a main character – along with several other emotional and shocking deaths – can upset even your tweens, let alone younger viewers. In addition, there is an agonizing scene in which genocide is committed in a city and hundreds of innocent people are killed.
  4. There are plenty of light blasphemies. In addition to three instances where the word “f * ck” is cut off but implicitly implied, the characters utter a bunch of the usual suspects – sh * t, ass, assh * le – as well as other gems, like d * ckhole.
  5. The film balances humor with its dark undertone. While the seemingly uninterrupted violence seems to be in the foreground, as you watch you’ll notice the comedic relief is well done and quite frequent, which strikes a nice balance between startling and surprising action scenes.
  6. It’s long. The longest of all Marvel movies to date, Infinity war at two hours 36 minutes (in addition, there is not one but of them credits before a post-credit scene you’ll want to stick with). Take a bathroom break before it starts!
  7. Your child will be able to take away strong messages. Despite the sarcasm, quick wit, and at times selfishness between the various Avengers, the protection and unification of heroes is a prime example. Plus, the courage, sacrifice, and teamwork shown by all of the heroes make them a positive role model that your child shouldn’t worry about.


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