Audience has a lot to say at SHARES meeting on proposed changes to sex ed curriculum


RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — Important and direct answers were heard Monday night, during a presentation and discussion about proposed changes to the sex ed curriculum for the school district’s fourth and fifth graders. of Washoe County (WCSD).

Sexuality Health and Responsibility Education (SHARE) committee coordinators say the current curriculum has not been updated since 2003.

During the public comment period at Monday’s meeting, many spoke about the proposed gender-neutral wording “body with a vulva” or “body with a penis,” used in the Understanding Our Bodies lesson.

“Teach children reading, writing and math skills. They don’t need to know anatomy at this age. This is inappropriate.”

“The curriculum follows federal sex education standards and state curriculum standards very closely,” said Brook Maylath, parent and president of the Transgender Allies Group.

“Who considers these people to be child predators?” said a parent raising his hand.

“I don’t see the difference between body with a vulva, body with a penis, versus boy and girl. The child who is still fluid or confused about what he is, he is always going to be confused.

“You know you’ve overstepped your bounds, you know what you’re doing is child abuse, you know you’re sexualizing our children.”

After hours of public comment, the committee voted to change the wording to “boys or people with a penis and “girl or people with a vulva.

It is at the discretion of the teacher to separate students into small groups or individually for lessons on body parts, sexual identity and orientation, and sexual health.

Other elements that got a lot of backlash were the proposed graphics for the material, often described by parents as inappropriate and even pornographic.

According to the survey results, 88.5% of 4th grade parents opted in to the program, while 90.8% of fifth grade parents opted in.

For those who opted out, their children will not get these lessons, but some parents at the meeting said opting out would not prevent their children from hearing this information from their classmates.

The proposed program now goes to the board meeting for approval.

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