A Guide for Non-Gaming Parents to Kids and Online Games


“When we grew up in an analog childhood, we could go to the park or see our friends at school. The kids are digital natives and play online in communities with their friends. This is how they socialize, ”says Hope.

“A little more education is needed to help parents understand that there are a lot of positives to playing online. It’s about communication, making friends, working as a team. just have to make sure it’s done in the right way. “

All good advice. I decided to make gambling in general a more family experience.

Choose games

Interesting games from developer Toca Boca took my daughter to kindergarten and early elementary school. Now the trick, I’m told, is to look at his real interests to find a game that suits him.

I have checked Beyond the blue which allows you to dive under the waves and swim among the marine life, the incredibly popular Animal crossing which allows you to escape to a deserted island for a party of fishing and gardening and the Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tours, which have neither combat nor quest, but rather a view of the ancient world.

So that children are both creators and consumers, Minecraft is the most famous title, but I heard friends talking about it Starbound to explore other worlds and also Dragon Quest Builders.

Inactive gamers can also present their kids with refined remakes of old favorites such as Crash Bandicoot.

Spending up front on a good quality game can be a smart move. Games that claim to be free usually charge money to unlock levels or encourage in-app purchases.

And never, ever ignore a game’s age – it’s there for a reason. An R18 video game is just as unsuitable for a child as any other R18 material.


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